June 2017


After almost 2 months in the yard, I was looking forward to launch the boat. Finally after several projects it would go into the water on the 7th of june.


It all went well except…

When the boat was hanging in the water, Jimmy asked: “No water?”. I did check all the valves and saw no water coming in, so I said: “Lower her in Jimmy”. In the water I did some checking of the engines and manouverability and then one engine started beeping. I came alongside the dock and saw also some small leakage at a valve I just mounted. When I tightened it it just broke off. So water was pouring in. There was no escape. It had to be taken out again for repairs.

I called the engineer when she was still in the water and he ran the engine for an extended amount of time but noted nothing out of the ordinary. It was probably an air bubble after a long time on land.

So my time in Sant Carles will be extended for a couple of days. Well, it has been a nice acquaintance. Nice people. For example the owner of Varador Sant Carles de la Rapita, Juan. He runs it like a father. A calm, honest and knowledgeable man.


And of course Jimmy. The fiberglass man. He was very patient and sandpapered for days to make the surface totally smooth.


This is what he did among other things:


And last but not least, Anya from Asnau. She helped me finding things I not even knew they existed. Searched the internet, looked in catalogs and very imported, she speaks English very well.


So many people helped me in making the preparations for my journey successful. And there were nice people in the marina to have a chat with or a meal.
Now Monday, tomorrow, will be the second launching. Hopefully without any other problems.

And what to think of my new swimming ladder. Custom made by my Stainless Steel Man Angel:



And then the launch. I must admit. I was nervous. Everything thoroughly tested, but that was a situation not in the water. Jimmy lowered the boat. Stopped and saw me rush downstairs. The valve was dry. This time I took my time, but it stayed dry. “Okay Jimmy”. I drove her around near the dock, but no water. Okay. I set course to the other side of the lagoon. As soon as I came in more rough water, I checked again. Yes. No water leakage. To do things right I checked the other hul as well. What!! 10 liters of water in just 5 minutes. After some search it was the escape hatch. Okay. No problem. Just thightend it. But I must say. It does not add any confidence to the boat. It has to earn that and now I am very keen on checking every little thing.


And than finally, on anchor. Nice coastal lagoon and in front a restaurant in the water on pawls. You can see it just in front of the boat.


Life is good

But then you have your obligations. So I had to leave for NL. At the end of June I will be back. My cousin is coming over and we will leave for Sicily. A major trip of about 700 NM (1300 km).

Next . . . .

3 Replies to “June 2017”

  1. Hallo Roel,

    Wat een avontuur!!! Niets voor niets, het blijft hard werken! Toch gun ik je dit zo.
    Je blijft onverbeterlijk in je optimisme en uiteindelijk komt het dan allemaal goed. Jij roest in ieder geval niet vast.

    Het voelt voor mij goed dat wij beide op 1 januari 2017 besloten een andere wending aan ons leven te geven. Zonder jou was het toch minder leuk bij StarTel. We wonen inmiddels in ons nieuwe huis en dat gaat hopelijk wat rust brengen. Onze verwikkelingen hier zal ik je mailen in een separate mail.

    De deur staat voor jou altijd open en de koffie is bruin.
    We wish you clear skies,

    Wim Verkaik

  2. Wow Roel, zo lig je op de vloer in je huis en zo lig je in je huis boven de Middellandse Zee.
    Hele goeie reis, Eddy & Sandra
    Blijf je op het water of ga je de Etna ook beklimmen?

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