May 2017

Waiting, working, traveling but no sailing yet.

A nice little town Sant Carles de la Rapita. Cheap for mooring and all the craftsmanship you need. I got used to the town after a while and people recognized me as the buyer of Patrick’s boat. Slept in the boat on the yard. In the morning people where working on boats and that is stimulating. A cup of coffee in the cockpit and inspecting the yard and working on your boat follows by itself.


The boat is on the shore again and waiting for repairs. It needs a lot of drying too, so the longer it takes, but on the other hand. . . . .


At the inspection I discovered wet spots at the back of the hull. After consulting the shipyard we decided to a very bold plan. He would cut a hole in the bottom so I could take out all the foam from the back of the boat. That was two days of hard work.
The leakage came from various mountings in the hull. Hopefully the yard does the job in the upcoming weeks and I can go back to Holland for another step in the process of restoring my teeth.
So lost two molars again. That’s 10 in total. Also a good opportunity to visit family and friends.

I received a very welcome offer to borrow a car from my brother in law. So I flew from Spain to Geneva and drove back to Holland. Hopefully the last of my things will fit in the car. It is very easy to bring too much stuff. The catamaran has the storage space, but the weight should be kept as low as possible. So I need to be very picky again.

I am considering some additions. Folding props for speed. It should give the boat an extra knot and extra solar panels and batteries. I hate it when I have to be very careful with power consumption. But first I will experience the present outfit. Trying to keep unnecessary purchases to a minimum.


I bought a water maker. It converts seawater into drinking water! Through ebay I got a very good deal. It is a DIY-kit and designed by an experienced cruiser. It should arrive in June. Drinking water in the Mediterranean is not good and other places often have none at all! It should free the boat of the second water tank, but I have to look  into that. I am not quite sure about how to store drinking water.

Next . . . .

6 Replies to “May 2017”

  1. It’s a absolute brilliant story, stop the business and follow you’re dreams. Respect Roel!
    Looking forward to see you in Sicily.

  2. Thanks. I don’t know if it took a lot of courage. It seems the most logical approach. And all the rest.. Well some bad luck, stupidity and determined to have a sailing life for a while.

  3. Well, quit a story man! But congratulations! Well done. A Tobago is a fine and solid catamaran. A thorough approach for the repairs. You are a courageous man.

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