An Adventure

It is happening! I will leave and live on the sea!. Finally.
It took years of planning and solving all kinds of questions.

Can I afford it?
Monohull or Cat?
Will I get lonely?
Does my wife come over?
My mother is 92 and needs care……

Well all step-by-step.

Got all the certificates but one. I need a HAM license. Well there is still time.

Finances are taken care of. Sold the house and some stuff. Probably will need storage for furniture I couldn’t sell and is in fact much too valuable for giving away to charity. But than there is money in the bank and with some luck I could manage for a couple of years. On the other hand I can do a lot to make some money. But that’s a worst-case scenario


Now the house has to be cleared. This is very hard to do. All the stuff for which I had plans. . . Now there is no later.

We are going to visit Martinique and also have a close look at boats. Cats are more comfortable, but monohulls give you the better sailing experience.

I bought a moisture meter. I’ll skip the survey. Just need a compression test for the engine and moisture measures for the hull. All the rest I can see as good as anyone I think.

Still a bit nervous, now I’ve taken steps with no return.

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  1. Ha lieffie,
    Fijn dat je deze moderne bottle for messages hebt gemaakt. Maar We gaan ervan uit dat ik je heel vaak in levenden lijve kan vertellen hoe trots ik op je ben. Laten we hopen dat je snel het ruime sop kunt kiezen.

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